TWO kind-hearted ten-year-olds have organised an event to help people in need of help.

Sam Shackleton and Anna Lucas, who both attend St Stephen’s CE Primary School in Astley, are hosting a cake bake sale on Wednesday, May 23 at 3.15pm.

It will take place at St Stephen’s Church.

The pair will be selling a range of cupcakes on the day as well as ice lollies to raise funds for UK charity Christian Aid.

Their teacher Rachel Deakin said: "Everyone at the school is really proud of the way they have decided to use their own initiative and do this completely off their own back.

"Every Thursday we have an assembly called Window on the World which looks at different issues that people face across the globe.

"Recently we discussed how some children in poor countries go to school with nothing on their feet and don't wear a uniform because their families can't afford to pay for these items.

"Sam and Anna were inspired by that assembly to do something to support a cause that helps people in their situation.

"Reverend Martin Cox from St Stephen's Church has also been bowled over by their generosity in giving up their own time to organise the event."

In preparation for the cake bake the pair held an assembly in front of pupils at the Manchester Road school.

During their assembly, Sam and Anna explained how they want to raise money to provide shelter for people who live on the streets.

The Year Five pupils also put up posters about their event around the school.