RESIDENTS have expressed their anger about the noise and smell of a group of wagons that have parked up on an area of land in Atherton.

The heavy goods vehicles turned up on a site at the back of Bolton Old Road- near to Victoria Mill- last week.

The landowner rents the site out to Straight Way Driving School after a license was granted by Wigan Council to store vehicles there.

Hundreds of Renault cars had previously been parked on the land before they were transported away a few weeks ago according to residents.

Kathryn Shaw, who lives on Bolton Old Road, said: "Wagons should not be left in a residential area like this land.

"The noise they are making is causing my windows to vibrate and the sound of the reverse warnings are such a nuisance.

"The smell of diesel belching out is disgusting and people who live here should not have to put up with that.

"The wagons should be on an industrial estate instead.

"It is also an eyesore looking out the back window and seeing them there.

"People who live on my road have not been consulted about this and they should because it is affecting us all."

Straight Way Driving School have defended their use of the land.

Director Piotr Korch said it is being used within the terms of Wigan Council license.