A LEIGH couple have created a children’s dress with a worker-bee design to mark one year since the Manchester Arena bomb attack.

Georgina-Ivy Bailey, 30, and Bradley Edwards, 34, of Harrier Close, were at the Ariana Grande concert when a suicide bomb attack took place in the main entrance of the venue killing 22 people and injuring more than 100 others.

The pair managed to help children to safety in the scenes of panic that followed.

Their daughter Rory, now three, is a big Ariana Grande fan and was due to go to the gig but was too ill to go on the night.

Georgina-Ivy said: “In the last year, Bradley and I keep replaying that night in our minds and naturally we feel like we could have done more to help.

“I have a clothing company and Bradley is a graphic designer so we knew we could give something back by making a dress.

“It has been a joint effort and has given us something to focus on.

“We have gone back to the Arena since it reopened and it was weird as security has obviously tightened up and is more like an airport now.

“But we enjoy going to gigs and we should not stop doing what we love.

“Rory has done a really good job in modelling the dress and she understands what the worker-bee signifies so this is important to her.”

The dress has a heart shape cut out of the back of it and is available for children from the age of three months up to 12 years.

Money from the sales will go to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund which supports the families of the victims who died in the blast.

Bradley added: “I was made up when Georgina-Ivy came up with the idea to do the dress.

“She has been really passionate and excited about it which is brilliant.

“Working on the dress has brought back memories including how amazing the emergency services were on the night. They were unreal.”

The dress is available to buy at Georgina-Ivy’s company All That Pretty’s website at bit.ly/2IBCfwv.

The first 40 people who order the dress will be given a free worker-bee printed headband.