A PENSIONER from Tyldesley has scooped his second five-figure prize in three years worth a total of £80,000.

Kitchen salesman Bill O’Toole has been handed a cheque of £10,000 from supercar competition BOTB.

The 73-year-old was surprised by BOTB’s Christian Williams who turned up at his workplace.

Three years ago he won a Range Rover Sport worth £60,000 as well as being given £10,000 in cash.

Bill said: “I never thought I would win again.

“When I won the Range Rover three years ago I rushed playing and I did the same again this time.

“My wife and I have already booked a holiday to Majorca so this could not have come at a better time.”

BOTB’s Christian added: “It it normally me delivering the surprises but I was really shocked when I was told that Bill had already won just three years ago.

“Having the opportunity to surprise people with a once in a lifetime win in an incredible feeling but getting to do it twice is amazing.”