AN Olympic medallist has launched a safety pack in Leigh to mark International Learn to Swim Week which starts on Monday.

Swimmer Steve Parry, who won a bronze in the 200m butterfly event in Athens in 2004, is introducing his information pack to parents and children on his swimming programme at DW Sports Fitness Club at Parsonage Retail Park.

It includes information about how to approach situations when children are exposed to water on holiday and other key safety tips.

Parry has devised the idea after being inspired by his own childhood experience of falling into a barge when he was on holiday.

He said: "I am proud to offer parents and children on our programme in Leigh our information pack.

"It is important that children enjoy swimming but it is essential they understand how to be responsible in the water too."

The pack is being managed by Parry's company, Total Swimming Academies, which was established 10 years ago.

It provides swimming lessons for children aged from three to 11 with the aim of teaching an important life skill and having fun at the same time.