LEIGH'S MP put Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) under the spotlight at Prime Minister's Questions yesterday, Wednesday.

Jo Platt raised her concerns about a lack of data being collected on the disorder at the House of Commons.

She also said some areas suffer from being neglected in a "postcode lottery".

Speaking after her question, Ms Platt said: "While ADHD has an enormous personal impact, the number of diagnoses or the waiting times are not collected centrally.

"This means that while we know there is a huge postcode lottery across the country for support, there is no data to see areas of best practice or areas in urgent need of improvement.

"That is why I pushed the Prime Minister to start collect this data, and I am pleased that the Department for Health and Social Care is looking into this possibility.

"As Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ADHD, I will continue to push for action to make sure our health and support services work in the best interests of everyone with the condition."

In the session yesterday, the Prime Minister said work is being done to address the issue.

She said "The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published guidance that aims to improve the diagnosis of ADHD and the quality of care and support that people receive.

"She raised the particular issue of the data that is available; the National Institute for Health Research has awarded £800,000 to fund research to help to identify existing services and gaps in provision for young adults with ADHD.

"And the Department of Health and Social Care is exploring what data on ADHD diagnosis could be made accessible through the mental health services dataset."