PLANS are in place to combat anti-social behaviour (ASB) after instances of vandalism at a Leigh park.

Hoardes of rubbish such as beer cans has been found dumped at Firs Park in recent weeks and other acts of damage has been caused including a wheelie bin being torched.

The local authority says it is carrying out work to reduce vandalism including providing activities for young people.

Will Blandamer, assistant director for partnerships, safeguarding and reform at the council, said: “We are committed to ensuring residents have the opportunity to live their lives free from unacceptable ASB.

“We work with public partners, for example the police, and with communities and residents to address ASB, from prevention to enforcement.

“We are currently doing some work with young people in the Firs Park area looking at activities and youth provision and have asked local residents to get in touch with us if they have any concerns.

“The local PSCO’s are also patrolling the park whenever they are on shift.

"We would encourage anyone with anti-social behaviour reports or concerns to contact us.”

To report instances of anti-social behaviour visit