IS the heat stopping you from getting your beauty sleep this summer?

As temperatures this July are predicted to remain high over the next fortnight, we asked readers for their top tips for keeping cool in bed during a heatwave. 

A cold water bottle. Chill some water in the fridge then fill a hot water bottle with chilled water before bed. Works for my family! Use the water out of the bottle to water my plants in the morning too.

Emma J Claxton 

A freezing cold bath/shower before bed with all the windows open upstairs so the air drafts through. Works everytime for me

Aimée Louise Mercer

Leigh Journal:

Fill an empty pop bottle with water and freeze it. At night take it out of the freezer, switch on your fan and stand the bottle in front if it.

Kay Livingstone

Dampen a towel in cold water or dampen it and then put it in the freezer. Put it on your wrist or neck while you sleep

Lorna Tilch

Open your bedroom window after the sun goes down to let the cool air in.

Mathew Cooper 

Put a frozen ice pack into a thin (clean!) sock and keep it close to you under the a treat to draw some of the heat away. Take care with little ones though.

Ailsa Parry

Buy blackout blinds and keep them closed all day. Open blinds and windows when it's cooler in the evening

Louisa Kelly 

Open loft hatch and keep it open.

Disclaimer: don’t keep anything up there that may melt!

Rachel McKinlay