LEIGH’s MP has vowed to fight crime in the town centre after a number of reported incidents.

Jo Platt has received complaints from people, businesses and residents groups about an influx of antisocial behaviour in Leigh and crimes being committed such as weapons being brandished in public. 

She is set to meet with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Wigan Council to address the problem.

Ms Platt said: “A lot of people I have spoken to about the problems have said they do not feel like they are being listened to by the authorities.

“There are a lot of issues that need to be discussed and I have urgently asked the police and local authority to meet and take action. 

“I know the police are struggling with resources but they still have to do something to address the area and I am going to take this forward.

“The only way to get things done is by working together alongside residents to address their concerns and handle the situation.

“It is a drain on people who live in the vicinity when antisocial behaviour is constantly happening.

“There are vulnerable people involved and collectively we need to decide the best way of tackling the issue.”

The police and Wigan Council have welcomed the opportunity to meet the Leigh MP.

Inspector Darryl Codling of GMP’s Wigan borough said: “We understand the negative impact that antisocial behaviour has on the local community. 

“We are committed to tackling the issue and holding those responsible to account. 

“We are meeting with local MP Jo Platt to discuss community concerns and are keen to start an open dialogue with local residents to find long-term solutions. 

“As we continue to work in partnership to tackle this antisocial behaviour, it’s really important that any offences are reported to police so that we can act on it at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Will Blandamer, from the council, added: “We work with public partners, for example the police, and with communities and residents to address anti-social behaviour from prevention to enforcement. 

“We welcome a meeting with Jo Platt MP.”

The police are urging people to contact them by dialling 999 in an emergency and 101 in a non-emergency or to report an incident that has already happened.

To provide other details contact Leigh’s local neighbourhood police team on 0161 856 7225.