A MUM whose baby was saved by firefighters after he choked is working to get parents and carers to get involved in a first aid course.

Francesca Lowe, from Lowton, was on her way to the supermarket three years ago when her four-week old son Thomas turned blue in his car seat.

She drove to Leigh Fire Station where the crew gave him first aid and helped him to breathe again before he was treated by paramedics.

Following the incident, Francesca wanted to do something to help other parents who might find themselves in the same situation and started to run a series of Save a Baby’s Life classes.

After gaining support from Wigan Council, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles and the Royal Life Saving Society, the course is now offered across the borough in Start Well centres.

Francesca, 43, a parent champion from Westleigh Start Well centre, said: “It’s a two-hour workshop which teaches parents, carers and grandparents how to perform CPR and what to do if your baby is choking or drowning. 

“After the incident three years ago I wanted to learn first aid myself and I realised it could be hard to get on a course and you wouldn’t search for one unless it happened to you.

“We also have a crèche on site so you can bring your baby. 

“We just want as many people as possible to come to a course and learn first aid.”

Francesca's commitment to the course has been acknowledged by Wigan Council.

Cllr Jenny Bullen, cabinet member for children and young people’s services at the council, said: “It’s brilliant to see how passionate Francesca is about making a difference to other families after her experience when her son was a baby. 

“I’m delighted we’re supporting parents and wider family members in our Start Well centres to acquire these vital skills which can save young lives.”

Francesca is also hoping to get a similar first aid course rolled out for children up to the age of 16 which she would call Save a Child.

Professor Kate Ardern, director of Public Health at the council, added: “Francesca has been a fantastic champion for the course and we’re happy to be supporting it in our Start Well centres so other parents and carers feel confident about knowing what to do if they ever encounter a similar situation.

"It’s been a real partnership effort between Francesca, the council and Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles to deliver this crucial advice.”

For more information about the Save a Baby’s Life first aid course get in touch with your nearest Start Well centre or visit rlss.org.uk.