AS the summer recess has begun, and with a packed constituency diary ahead of me, I thought it would be useful to reflect on the year since you elected me to be your voice in Parliament.

I am really proud of the work we have achieved in this time.

I have been campaigning both locally and in Westminster on the big issues facing our local towns.

This has included parliamentary debates on reconnecting the constituency to the railway network, standing up for our local public services, addressing failures in legislation to protect animals in rescue homes and establishing the All Party Parliamentary Group on ADHD.

Living in an outer city town, we all know the struggles of poor infrastructure, investment and connectivity.

As a constituency we are lacking in A-level provision, our traditional manufacturing base has not been replaced and Leigh is the fifth largest town in the country without a rail station.

Recently I am also aware of the cuts to local bus routes which serve as a lifeline to the local community.

That is why one of my first actions as a new MP was to meet with the Rail Minister, meet with our regional transport bodies and secure a Commons debate on our local connectivity.

Thankfully, we have secured a review of our local transport needs and I will be working with TfGM over the coming months to work on a meaningful solution.

Additionally, I am meeting with colleges and universities to develop a local plan to increase higher and further education provision in the constituency.

For our young people to thrive we need to ensure they have the best possible start in life with all the opportunities enjoyed by young people in our neighbouring cities.

Recently I have also received a lot of messages concerning cat and dog rescue centres both nationally and locally.

I was shocked to learn that rescue centres are currently unregulated and they are not required to even register with their local authority – quite simply anyone can set one up.

I have been working closely with the local authority and pleased to see changes to how stray animals are looked after locally.

However, I will continue the dialogue with the national animal charities to keep the pressure on Government to introduce mandatory registration and regulation for animal sanctuaries.

This is just a snapshot of the work we have been doing and there is still so much more to do going forward.

I also want to hear from you on the issues that matter for you.

I have therefore set up a survey which can be found on my Twitter @JoPlattMP to let you get in touch and help me decide which issues to focus on over the next 12 months so that together we can all work to keep Leigh’s voice strong.