PUPILS at Westleigh School were given some French lessons with a difference as Centurions stars from across the Channel paid a visit.

French-born Leigh players Kevin Larroyer, Ilias Bergal and Jordan Dezaria dropped by at the school to bring a class' foreign language lessons to life by facing the pupils with some native speakers.

The pupils were given a surprise as the players came in to give them a series of challenging linguistic tasks.

Organiser Anna Michalakakos, head of modern foreign languages at Westleigh, said: "All the rugby players were fantastic and showed the students it's cool to learn.

"None of the players found the GCSE work easy and they were shocked at the level of grammar required, so it gave a real boost in confidence to our pupils as they could see they're now working at a level that even native French speakers would struggle with."

Mrs Michalakakos picked out second-row forward Kevin Larroyer as the top of the class among the Centurions trio.

She added: "I'm proud of the superb progress the pupils have made and am really looking forward to seeing them continue to thrive next year."