A FISH shop owner has taken his first plunge into the realm of novel writing.

Mark Edmondson, of Canterbury Close, Atherton, has released a murder whodunnit book called The Beast of Bodmin.

It is set at the scene of the Cornwall moor in Bodmin, which has been surrounded by the myth of a wild cat living there for decades.

Mark, 41, who owns Amazon Aquatics on Welch Hill Street, in Leigh, said: “I have always been interested in the world of fiction.

“I used to enjoy reading books by writers like Agatha Christie and the first adult book I read was Jaws.

“I actually went to Bodmin on holiday about 20 years ago and it was only later that I checked that there has not been a fiction book written about it.

“I started writing this book four years ago but I wasn’t sure about sending a draft of it off to anyone.

“When I was at a family party I told my niece Kadie about it and she shouted at me.

“The next night I sent it off to an agent and he got back to me within a day.

“I kept the release of my book a secret from a lot of my friends and family so it was a surprise to them when I told them about it.

“There has been a good response to the book so far which has been nice.”

Mark has worked in the aquarium industry since the age of 16 before owning his own business when he was 21 and then taking control of Amazon Aquatics 13 years ago.

His love of writing has always been in the forefront of his mind throughout his career though.

Mark, who has two grandchildren, added: “In my writing, I like concentrating on developing the characters first and then seeing where the story goes.

“I am now working on another couple of books.”

The Beast of Bodmin is available to purchase over the counter at Amazon Aquatics.

Customers can also order the book from Waterstones by clicking here.

It is set to be available online at Amazon in the coming weeks.