GREYHOUND lovers braved the rain to turn out to a rescue centre's open day yesterday afternoon, Saturday.

Makants Greyhound Rescue North West in Tyldesley rescues ex-racing greyhounds, and helps prepare them for life as pets.

The centre, in Mort Lane, currently has 17 dogs aged two to six that have been rescued and are looking for new homes.

And despite the dismal weather, the centre threw open its doors to the public yesterday to allow prospective owners to meet the animals.

The rescue centre was set up five years ago by Siobhan Hoppley, at her home in Makants Farm, to care for and rehome the retired racing greyhounds.

When a greyhounds arrives, they are assessed, neutered and vaccinated before being trained by a team of volunteers in order to get them used to life as pets.

The centre's facilities allow it to look after more than 20 greyhounds at one time, with volunteers ensuring the dogs are taken on regular walks.

After beginning with just one dog, Ms Hoppley has managed to grow the centre steadily year on year, with more than 270 dogs having been successfully rehomed since the centre was set up.

Adi Shallicker, a volunteer at Makants Greyhound Rescue, said: “Dogs come to us from all over the country. A lot of them are in racing condition so they have never even been for a walk or been inside a house. They settle down very quickly, though.

“There are so many dogs that need places and we do have a waiting list. Some of them might go out within a few weeks and some might stay a few months.

"Greyhounds are a very laid back breed and they get on with people very well. They make a great pet."

While the weather may not have been what the open day's organisers had hoped for, it did not dampen the spirits of the hardy souls that did turn out.

As well as being able to view the dogs in kennels, there were a number of stalls serving Prosecco, offering face-painting for children and selling doggie merchandise, including coats and collars.

Ms Hoppley said: “We did not expect anybody in this weather. We didn’t know what interest there would be.

"It is all about raising awareness of what we do and where we are."

Joe Bradford has been volunteering at the rescue centre for the last three years, and says he has fallen in love with greyhounds.

He said: “I started off just coming in every now and again and then I started organising the walking rota.

“I have adopted one myself. It is great and everybody falls in love with greyhounds.

“Loads of racing dogs are put down so they are literally being rescued by these centres."

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