AN author who got stuck in a pond when she was walking her two dogs has praised the support of the emergency services.

Christine Johnson, who has an author’s name of CJ Harter, was taking her dogs round Pennington Flash Country Park when six-year-old Boston terrier Minnie jumped into the spot known as the “frog pond”.

Minnie, who lost her right eye and only has 30 per cent in her left eye, struggled to keep her head above water and get to the other side so Christine, 55, jumped in to help her.

Mum-of-two Christine, from Lowton, said: “When I glanced back Minnie leapt into the pond which is half water and half mud at the moment.

"She started disappearing into the mud and flailing so I knew I had to go in and help her.

“When I plunged in and grabbed her I ended up getting my left leg stuck in the mud and couldn’t move it.

“My other dog Riley had gone into to the pond with me but managed to get out.

“It was very cold and quite scary as I had thoughts about the safety of the ground below me.

“Everything I tried to grab hold of to help me get out like branches went into the mud.

“I must have been shouting for help for around 10 minutes.

“I managed to get my phone out and dial 999 and the operator Karen was really helpful in keeping me calm while the firefighters were on their way.

“My friend Emily walked past with her dog shortly after and she managed to help the firefighters find me.

“The emergency services were very professional when they arrived and one of them, Ian, was very reassuring.

“At the time I was embarrassed but the crews took it very seriously and managed to lift me out.

“The mud was up to my waist at that point.

“It only hit me a few days after the incident happened that I realised how dangerous it was.”

Three fire engines, a water incident unit and a technical response vehicle were sent to the scene and used spine boards, ladders and dry suits to get Christine out.

She was then checked by paramedics.

The incident happened at around 8.30am on Monday September 3.

A sign has now been put up by the pond to warn people about walking near the mud.

Christine added: “The ironic thing is that the ‘frog pond’ in the park gets a mention in my book Fitful Head.

"All the dog walkers I know have been having a good laugh about it.”

The front cover of Fitful Head, which was designed by Mike Martin, recently finished eighth out of hundreds in an AllAuthor competition.

Christine is currently working on a new book.