A MUM who lost her baby boy in a cot death eight years ago is ensuring his memory lives on.

Spencer Downey died at the age of 24 weeks at his home in Astley on September 15, 2010.

Since Spencer's death, his family received support from The Lullaby Trust, a charity which supports research into cot deaths and helps families who have suffered bereavements.

It also offers advice for safer sleep.

Spencer's mum Vikki Walsh, 38, along with family, friends and businesses in the area have raised more than £13,000 for the charity in his name.

On Sunday, the day after the anniversary of Spencer's death, Vikki, who runs her own business called DVB Fitness with her partner Darren, has organised a sponsored "boogie bounce" on mini trampolines at Gym28 in Astley from 8am to 4pm.

Vikki said: "The death of your baby is not something you ever get over- it is absolutely devastating- but all you can do is to learn to move on and live with it.

"Spencer was a perfectly healthy little boy with no underlying medical condition. He was a big smiler, had just cut his first tooth and was getting ready to crawl.

"I put him to bed as normal and he did not wake up the next morning.

"The work that The Lullaby Trust do is really important. Statistics have shown that cot deaths have actually increased recently.

"There are more than 200 babies a year that die from cot deaths and there is still no answer as to why it happens.

"As much as people don't hear about cot deaths or don't think they will go through one, they do happen."

When Vikki's baby Esther was born two years after Spencer died, she was given support from The Lullaby Trust's Care of Next Infant (CONI) scheme.

The scheme provides equipment such as a sleeping mat and a movement monitor as well as first aid training and home visits.

The family have also phoned the charity's support line over the years which Vikki says has helped them greatly.

Vikki also has two other children Elliot, 17, Gabrielle, 16, who will be taking part in the challenge on Sunday with Esther.

There will also be a host of raffle prizes up for grabs, a tombola and a cake stall at the event.

Vikki added: "We are hoping to get at least three people bouncing every hour for the eight hours.

"Hopefully with this event we can get over the £15,000 mark for raising funds for The Lullaby Trust overall.

"Everyone is welcome to join in with the boogie bounce as well and see what it is about.

"Events like these are about keeping Spencer's memory alive. I don't want people to be scared to say his name or talk about him when they are around me."

A crowdfunding page has been set up in aid of The Lullaby Trust. To donate to it click here.