A TEENAGER has been left "traumatised" after been attacked by a dog.

Caitlin Carroll, from Leigh, was savaged by her friend's grandmother's dog when she was sat down on a bedroom floor.

The 13-year-old, who was alone in the grandmother's house with her friend at the time, suffered multiple injuries to her face and hands as she tried to get away from the dog before managing to escape into the bathroom.

Due to the damage caused to her hands, which left her needing 40 stitches and permanent damage in one of the nerves in her fingers, she was unable to phone for help.

With her bleeding heavily, The Westleigh School pupil opened the bathroom door and fled downstairs to get out of the house.

She managed to make it to her mum's friend's house where her mum Rachel was before she was taken to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and had six-and-a-half hours of plastic surgery.

Rachel, 32, said: "Caitlin has been left traumatised and has been having a lot of flashbacks and nightmares since the incident.

"She was in the bathroom for about 20 to 25 minutes after being attacked but it must have felt like hours to her.

"The thought of her running down roads looking for help is not nice."

"Her lip was ripped from her cheek to her nose. Her lip was also ripped in half and her tear duct on her eye needed a stitch.

"As well as the 40 stitches to her hands, she had to have four stitches in her head, one in her throat and had scratches on her back."

The incident was reported to the police and the dog, which was believed to be a Shar-Pei and mastiff cross breed, has been put down.

No arrests have been made.

After being put through the terrifying ordeal, a crowdfunding appeal has been set up to raise money to revamp Caitlin's bedroom and treat her to a spa day to help her feel better as she recovers from her injuries.

Rachel added she has been "overwhelmed" by the support from the community with items such as bedding and pillows donated to help with the cause.

To donate to the crowdfunding page click here.