MP Jo Platt has slammed a social media post by the UKIP Leigh Facebook page picturing a guillotine – which she claims could incite violence upon elected members.

The Leigh MP is one of several politicians who have criticised the "vile" post which shows a picture in France of a guillotine and asks for it to be sent over to the UK for use against MPs and Lords in the wake of discussions over Brexit.

The guillotine is often seen as a symbol of the French Revolution when the country's royal family and high ranking members of their parliament were beheaded.

The post, which the UKIP group stated was meant as a joke, says: "Please ship that over to the UK ASAP as we could do with it.

"We have a bag full of MPs and Lords that are selling our country down the river to an outside power called the EU, which is a failing dictatorship run by unelected people one cannot change even if you wanted to.

"On second thoughts may we order 10 to get the job done quicker and save £39 billion.

"Best regards a person that respects what his forefathers did for our nation for hundreds of years and doesn't wish to let them down."

Many people who have seen the post say it could incite violence – with Jo Platt adding is has "absolutely no place in our politics or our society."

She said: "This is a vile and horrific post from UKIP Leigh that has absolutely no place in our politics or our society.

"There has been a worrying and significant rise in the amount of threatening and violent posts locally, but this is one of the most disturbing we have seen.

"No matter what our political differences are, central to our democracy is an assurance that we can all debate policies and ideas in respect and with civility.

"Posts like this are therefore an assault on our democracy and must be called out for the dangerous and offensive statement that it is.

"I will continue to raise cases such as these with the police and work with them constantly to help keep our local community safe."

UKIP Leigh has stated that the post and comment were meant as "a joke" and that it is being used to "gain political advantage".

A representative for UKIP Leigh said: "The post itself, by the way it's written, shouts out it's meant to be a JOKE.

"Certain people are making out it something it is not, which is most unfair, just to gain a political advantage.

"YES it is a JOKE which many see it as with no problem, however our political opponents are taking advantage.

"Sorry but I find that sad in the old sense."

The Wigan, Leigh and Makerfield branch of the Liberal Democrats party has also slammed the post and demanded an apology from the group.