VOLUNTEERS at a greyhound rehoming centre have been celebrating after having a record-breaking year.

Makants Greyhound Rescue North West in Tyldesley rehomed 96 ex-racing greyhounds in 2018- more than any other in its five year history.

The first greyhound rehomed last year was Star, back in the January 2018, and the last dog to find a new home was Mkillie- now named Kali- who left the centre in December.

The total amount of greyhounds rehomed by the Mort Lane centre up until the end of last year stood at 308.

The centre is looking on the lookout for residents looking to offer homes for their ex-racing greyhounds.

The dogs usually finish their racing careers around the age of three of four so are relatively young at that point.

The animals are popular pets for their laid back and lazy nature and need little exercise contrary to popular belief. They are content with two 30-minute walks a day.

For more information about rehoming a greyhound contact the centre's founder Siobhan on 07960 561988 or email info@makantsgreyhounds.co.uk.