A HOMEBUILDER is teaming up with Wigan Council to help get people on to the property ladder through an affordable housing scheme.

Through the local authority's Affordable Homes Equity Loan Scheme, Persimmon Homes North West is able to offer homes at four of its developments.

Sites at Leigh, Lowton, Hindley Green and Standish have a variety of three-bedroom homes for sale through the scheme.

Persimmon developments running the scheme include Pocket Green in Lowton and Persimmon Gardens in Hindley Green.

Walmsley Park in Leigh has two-bedroom properties as well.

The scheme invites residents who are struggling to get on to the property ladder to apply for an equity loan from the council.

The local authority provides a loan for a percentage of the property's value – usually 30 per cent - with buyers then required to put down a five per cent deposit and secure a mortgage for the balance of the house price.

Once complete, they will own the property with no rental payments required and no interest payments due on the loan. They will need to pay it back at the end of the term, usually 25 years, or before.

To qualify, buyers need to live, work or have a family connection within the borough.

Sales director for Persimmon Homes North West Dave Hodgson: “There are a number of Government schemes that make homes affordable, but the Wigan Council scheme targets local people, giving them a helping hand to buy a home within their own community.

“It is a brilliant scheme and the feedback we have had is that it’s a quick, straightforward and hassle-free way to becoming a homeowner in your home town.”

For more information visit persimmonhomes.com or Wigan Council's website.