AN amateur golfer hit two hole in ones in the same round to defy odds of 67 million to one.

Granddad John Rourke, from Lowton, got his first hole-in-one at Haydock Park Golf Club at the 18th hole, after he and his playing partner Colin Harrison teed off on the 17th in a winter competition.

After striking his first shot on the 18th, the 68-year-old went looking for his ball before Colin found it in the hole.

John, who plays off an 18 handicap, then achieved the same feat on the fourth.

According to the National Hole in One Registry, the odds of achieving two hole in ones in the same round is 67 million to one.

Retired fabrication manager John will be keeping the ball and scorecard for the round in a "special place".

He said: "In over 30 years of playing I’ve hit two holes in one, but never in the same round and only in friendly knockabouts.

"Everybody was shaking my hand and congratulating me."

John has been a member at the golf club with his wife Pat for more than 30 years and plays up to four times a week.

His feat came in the club’s weekly winter competition, which saw more than 100 members pair up in a "better ball" format, in which the better of the pair's shot scores is used for each hole.

John got his first hole in one on the 183-yard par-three 18th where he used a driver to attack the pin on the misty morning.

He added: “It was a very cold morning so I wanted to get my swing going.

"I’m not a particularly long hitter, just steady.

“When I hit it I thought it was all over the pin, though maybe a little bit long.

"When we went down to look for it I was looking at the back of the green when my partner said ‘it’s here, it’s in the hole’.”

On the par-three 110-yard fourth hole, John got his nine-iron out.

He said: “When I hit it I knew it was a good shot, but Colin just said ‘you’ve done it again’.

“You can’t see the fourth green from the tee because there’s a bunker in the way, but when we went down there it was in the hole.

“You could say I was quite happy.

"I don’t normally do the lottery, but I did after that. Sadly, I must have used up all my luck as I didn't win anything."

Back at the clubhouse, John bought two bottles of whisky for members to toast the double.

Overall, John and Colin finished second in the competition by one stroke.

Business manager at Haydock Park Golf Club, Stephen Nicholson, said: “It’s a really special achievement and John has rightly been the talk of the club.

“A hole in one is what we all dream of, so to achieve two in one round is quite a remarkable achievement and John will go down in Haydock Park Golf Club folklore.”