A FOOD bank has received a boost from a supermarket to allow it to pay the lease of its distribution warehouse.

Asda Leigh Supercentre community champion Gwen Appleton, has volunteered at Atherton and Leigh Foodbank weekly for the last five years.

She helped the food bank apply for funding from her employer's Fight Hunger, Create Change scheme.

Money from the scheme is used to open new warehouses and distribution centres and ensure old ones are maintained.

It has also been invested into improving facilities and infrastructure of many charities as well as provided more food and services.

After applying Atherton and Leigh Foodbank has received £29,808 which will pay its rent at its distribution warehouse in Lowton.

Gwen said: “I love going to the food bank.

"My aim is to make sure that people leave with a smile on their face, knowing that support is out there for them.

"It’s great to see the food bank getting help from a large organisation like Asda.”

Gwen has also supported the food bank by arranging regular awareness days at her store and setting up a permanent donation drop-off area.

The food bank is open five days a week and feeds around 150 people every week in the area, as well as providing advice and support.

Project manager at the Atherton and Leigh Foodbank Warren Done said: “Gwen told us about the Fight Hunger funding and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

"She’s really got the community at heart and is a great help to us.

“This money has allowed us to pay for the lease on the distribution warehouse, which is absolutely crucial to our work.

"We used the warehouse for free for the last six months, but that time has now expired, and it would have been very difficult to afford this cost without the generous donation from Asda.”

The food bank also recently received a further £500 after winning the Green Token Giving customer vote for good causes.

Asda is celebrating its one-year anniversary of its Fight Hunger, Create Change scheme. It is a three-year plan to create a long-term change to food poverty in the UK with £20m donated to charities so far.