LEIGH MP Jo Platt has come out against a second referendum on EU membership after calls by opposition party activists for her to choose between her party leader and her constituents.

A letter by the Conservatives' Leigh constituency representative Richard Short called on the MP to reject the Labour party leadership's willingness to consider a second referendum, which he said would be a "betrayal of trust".

In a letter last week, he said: "In the days following your party’s decision to endorse a rejection of the referendum result you have yet to declare your position and have been uncharacteristically silent on this issue.

"I call on you to reject your leader’s position and support your constituents.

"I look forward to you breaking your silence and letting us know; do you back Jeremy Corbyn or do you back your constituents."

Mr Short added: "More people in the constituency voted to leave the EU than voted for you to be the Member of Parliament. It’s disturbing to anyone who respects democratic choice that your leader has chosen to reject the choice of thousands of your constituents."

In response, the Leigh MP said last Wednesday she would vote against any proposals for a second referendum "under the current circumstances" while welcoming the vote MPs will have a vote on a 'no deal' exit.

She said: "I welcome the announcement yesterday that the House of Commons will have the opportunity to vote on and prevent a no-deal exit.

"As I have been saying for the last few years, no deal is not a credible option for the UK to take and would not provide for the relationship that we need to succeed outside of the European Union – this is especially true for communities such as ours which have seen the gradual decline of our manufacturing base in recent decades

"However, I want to make it extremely clear to our constituency which voted to leave the EU in 2016, a decision I have always sought to respect, that I am resolute in my determination to ensure whatever deal is agreed between the EU and the UK works for our towns and provides the blueprint for growth and prosperity in our area, and is not a catalyst for the bargain basement economy with a race to the bottom on rights and standards that many in the right of the Conservative Party desire.

"During my election in 2017, I made a sincere promise to respect the decision of over 63 per cent of the Leigh constituency to leave the European Union. I also pledged to fight for a deal that would limit the economic and social impact that leaving an institution that the UK has been a member of for 43 years would have."

She added: "That is why I will be supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s amendment later today which sets out the five key changes I want to see to the current deal before we could countenance supporting it.

"This amendment sets out our sensible Brexit vision which respects our manifesto commitment in 2017 to back a Brexit deal that works for all our communities.

"These changes are based on the tests we set out nearly two years ago and would provide for a new and secure trading relationship with the EU to protect jobs and businesses, it would protect rights and protections and also maintain a strong security relationship with the EU.

"This is the Brexit deal I want to support.

"However, under the current circumstances, I would vote against any proposals for a second referendum and I hope that MPs from both sides of the House recognise the need to for us to come together and back a deal in the national interest.

"Ultimately, if the sensible amendment proposed by Jeremy Corbyn this evening passes, we would achieve clarity in how we move forward and break the current deadlock, and there would not be the need for a second referendum.

"I understand how divisive and heated the Brexit discussions still are and I recognise that any decision will never please everyone. I am, therefore, as always, happy to listen to whatever views you have on the issue and attempt to explain my reasoning more fully."