POLICE officers had a busy night dealing with more than 60 reported incidents in Golborne and Lowton.

Eight people were arrested for various incidents including drink driving, dangerous driving, damage, domestic threats and assaults.

Officers also attended a car crash where both drivers fled the scene. The cars were recovered.

Several fights were also reported across the area in addition to domestic assaults.

The night team attended theft and burglary incidents too.

Due to the high volume of reports over night, police are urging the public to be patient if they have not yet been contacted.

GMP Atherton, Leigh and Hindley wrote on Facebook: 'We try and deal with as many as we can but each one is allocated depending on threat and risk.'

A neighbourhood team in Atherton also arrested a prolific shoplifter this morning, Saturday who has been active in Tyldesley and Astley.

James Alty, of Ludlow Drive in Leigh was charged with five offences of shoplifting and has been remanded into custody.