A MUM is sharing her experiences of having a three-year-old boy with autism in an online blog to raise awareness.

Jade Shaw, from Atherton, has a son Seth who was diagnosed with low-functioning autism at the age of two.

She has started a daily blog on Facebook which documents her own life about looking after Seth as well as his big sister Ella, five.

Jade, 30, said: "People think that those with autism are high-functioning but that is not always the case.

"Seth does not speak and cannot hold a pen for himself.

"I wanted to set up the blog for people who want to get advice, or even to give them a place to vent their feelings when they have had a bad day.

"The response since I set it up has been brilliant, there have been lots of positive comments on social media."

Leigh Journal:

Siblings Seth and Ella

Jade's daughter Ella has also shown signs of being autistic in her behaviour.

She has been put on an autism pathway.

As well as her blog Jade is hoping to set up an awareness event for people with autism and learning difficulties.

Jade added: "I do not know a lot of people who speak about this in this area.

"It is nice talking about issues and sharing information with carers and parents who are in the same situation as each other.

"I am trying to raise awareness of this and organise an event for people to meet up like a coffee morning.

"I would like it to be for anyone caring for people with complex needs including adults, not just children."

After working for years, Jade is now a full-time mum and is keen to promote centres that offer facilities for children with autism and special requirements during the day.

She visits children's indoor soft play Charlie Park in Victoria Mill in Atherton, which holds events such as a special after-school play session from 4pm to 6pm once a month.

Another centre that Jade goes to is Air Vault Trampoline Park in Westhoughton which runs autism friendly sessions.

Leigh Journal:

Jade's husband Jay with their two children

To read Jade's blog entry search for A day in the life of an autism mum on Facebook.

People can send a message to Jade on the page with any queries too.

April also marks Autism Awareness Month.