STRETCHING your brain to think of the most obscure answer is tough in the final round of BBC quiz show Pointless.

But for anyone watching yesterday's episode in Leigh or Tyldesley, the winning answer was pretty close to home. 

In the final round, contestants Derek and Wendy were trying to come up with a pointless answer for 'Founding clubs of the rugby league'. 

Their choices were Rochdale, Swinton and Hunslet. 

They won £3,000 with their Rochdale Hornets answer while Swinton was incorrect and Hunslet would have scored them one point. 

Richard Osman then revealed the other pointless answers including Leigh and Tyldesley.

Other pointless answers included:

  • Batley
  • Liversedge
  • Stockport
  • Brighouse Rangers 

Would you have got this question right?

You can see the episode on BBC iPlayer by clicking here