PROTESTERS in favour of Brexit gathered in Leigh town centre on Saturday to make their feelings known.

The WiganBorough 4 Brexit group took to the streets for its third weekend rally in a row.

The organisation was formed by residents who came together via social media because they believe Brexit is being sabotaged by MPs.

The original date to leave the EU has been put back from March 29 to October 31 after MPs failed to agree on Prime Minister Theresa May's Withdrawal Deal.

The rally on Saturday followed a protest on Saturday, April 13 in Wigan.

A week earlier on April 6, the organisation teamed up with its sister group Warrington 4 Brexit in a march through Warrington.

The event, entitled the March for Democracy, had around 100 people taking part in it.

Leigh Journal:

Protesters at the rally on Saturday

Speaking about the latest march, a WiganBorough 4 Brexit spokesman said: “We were delighted to be inundated with support from members of the public in Leigh who are bitterly angry at what they see as a betrayal of Parliamentary democracy by MPs in their failure to uphold the 2016 Referendum vote and leave the EU on March 29.

"For many of the local constituents we met today this is bigger than Brexit now – they feel our nation’s democracy itself is at stake.

"MPs must never think that they are a privileged class who can rule over us without democratic accountability.

"Being elected to Parliament does not give you a free pass to rip up your party manifesto.

"We remind the three Wigan Borough MPs yet again that they stood on a Labour manifesto which promised to respect the 2016 referendum result and bring an end to freedom of movement, which means leaving the single market.”

Leigh Journal:

Residents at the rally

The spokesman added: “Worryingly, many people here in Leigh told us that they will never vote again.

"They feel that failure by Parliament to implement the Referendum result has made them politically homeless.

"They don’t know who they could vote for and they don’t see the point in voting now anyway.

"We urge constituents throughout the borough of Wigan to keep faith with the democratic process and vote for pro-Brexit candidates in the upcoming council and European Parliament elections.

"It’s crucial that people go out and vote to send their message to politicians.

"We urge anyone who has not already registered to vote to do so by visiting

"The deadline to register to vote in European Parliament elections is Tuesday, May 7."

The European Parliamentary elections are set to take place in the UK on Thursday, May 23.

For more information about WiganBorough 4 Brexit visit its Facebook page