STUART Splaine reached a turning point in his life last year after he lost his job as a truck driver.

The Atherton man, who had worked on the road for 15 years, found himself looking for a new career path.

In October, he took on a lease at a property in his hometown on Market Street that had been vacant for 10 years

It was previously the base of Fever Nightclub.

With the help of his dad Paul, Stuart has worked tirelessly to transform the building into a bar and function room.

Leigh Journal:

The bar before it was refurbished

Leigh Journal: Leigh Journal:

After the bar was refurbished

Leigh Journal:

The Mill bar

The Mill bar, which serves a range of drinks including cocktails, opened in December.

And its function room, on the first floor, is set to be completed on Saturday, June 1 in time for Stuart's 40th birthday party.

Stuart said: "It was a massive decision for me to take on the lease and people said I was crazy.

"The property was a wreck when I took over and it's been a lot of hard work.

"I've not had a day off since Christmas working on the function room and behind the bar.

"I am very pleased with how it's turned out.

"In the function room I want there to be events like weddings and christenings."

Interest in the venue has surged and Stuart has received a flood of bookings including one wedding.

Leigh Journal:

Inside The Mill function room

Stuart added "We have had lots of good feedback from the bar so far and the function room already has nearly no Saturdays available to book for the rest of the year."

For more information about The Mill or to book an event contact Stuart on 07888 733104.