ARTIST Barbara Nicholls has had her work featured in exhibitions across the world in America, Brazil, Australia and Germany over the last 30 years.

But she says her latest one at The Turnpike in Leigh is the best she has ever created.

Barbara came to the town a month before her exhibition opened on May 11 and moved into an address on Aldred Street.

The 55-year-old from Stockport immersed herself into Leigh's history and landscape to provide her with inspiration for her watercolour art.

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Barbara's exhibition

The range of colours she has used reflects the town industrial mining past as well as the man-made waters at Pennington Flash Country Park.

She was particularly interested in the St Helens Road park and studied how the area where the water lies was once the base for two farms.

The Turnpike director Helen Stalker guided her around the land to increase her understanding of the area as well.

Leigh Journal:

Barbara's exhibition

Barbara said: "It is my best exhibition ever.

"This is because of the whole experience of being in residence in Leigh and making the work specifically for that exhibition.

"I was interested in the contemporary life of Leigh and listened to people when I was staying there.

"The reaction to it has been fantastic and it is great to talk to the community about it.

People have said they love the colours."

The displays in the exhibitions, which are 3m in height, are the largest that Barbara has ever completed in her career as well.

The exhibition is running until Saturday, June 22.