WIGAN Council does not listen to the concerns of local residents, especially when it comes to traffic management.

This problem was again confirmed when I heard the news that yet another serious car crash had happened on Tyldesley Road.

The crash required a significant response from our emergency services, with two fire engines, multiple police officers and a major rescue unit being sent to the scene.

Firemen had to cut one person from their vehicle, others were left injured and one man in his 20s was taken to hospital with back injuries.

Just like other roads in the area, Tyldesley Road has become increasingly dangerous, with high levels of speeding vehicles and it is also the scene of a number of serious car crashes which could have resulted in fatalities.

Yet, despite numerous warnings, Wigan Council have refused to take action to prevent another serious incident.

While some politicians would rather not work with others of differing parties, even to support the local community, I am pleased to be able to work with the Atherton Independent Network Councillors to resolve this problem and fight for the much-needed improvements for local residents.

There are practical solutions available and we have been out talking to residents to gain support for changes that would improve the safety of this road.

In the wider context, Wigan Council had already imposed unwelcome housing developments to which they added 16,500 more houses.

They then made a unilateral decision to build an additional 3,000 more houses on top of their already excessive target.

Such “ambitious” plans for housebuilding require equally ambitious infrastructure improvements.

Disappointingly, the local Labour leadership have put too much pressure on our roads and they are increasingly congested.

These high levels of housebuilding have also had a wider effect, with people struggling to get a GP appointment.

Disappointingly, there is a clear divide in the investment between our local towns and the centre of the borough.

With council tax on the rise and Wigan Council’s plans for increased housebuilding, people expect to see their money spent on improving their local community rather than their towns being ignored in preference of Labour’s Wigan town centre project.

It is not surprising that Atherton and Leigh want to become independent from Wigan.

This is why it is so important that we have local representatives who stand up for the changes our town wants to see.

I will continue to do all I can to urge Wigan Council to deliver the much-needed investment in vital services and infrastructure that Atherton residents have long been waiting to see.

If you would like to sign my Tyldesley Road safety petition, you can do so by visiting my website or following this link, https://www.chris-green.org.uk/atherton-road-safety-petition.

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