A MOTORCYCLIST, who died following a head-on crash with a car, had been travelling at an estimated 80mph on a 30mph road, an inquest heard.

Jordan Murray, of Dorset Avenue, Tyldesley was on a Honda CBR superbike on Wigan Road in Leigh on February 18 when he lost control and collided with a Renault Megane.

The 24-year-old engineer was taken to hospital but died from a traumatic brain injury three days later.

Sharon Fleming told Bolton Coroner’s Court yesterday, Thursday, that she was driving at around 6.30pm when Jordan’s bike overtook her car before cutting back on the left side of the road.

But the rider lost control of the vehicle as it approached a slight left bend and veered on to the wrong side of the road.

It collided head on with an oncoming Renault Megane. Jordan was thrown off the bike and his helmet became separated from his head.

After gathering witness statements and examining CCTV footage, Greater Manchester Police detective constable Edward Lister estimated Jordan was driving at around 80mph.

The speed limit on Wigan Road is 30mph.

The Megane driver Carol Marsh, and the passenger, her daughter, were taken to hospital.

Police found that although Jordan was an experienced rider, his licence did not cover the calibre of the Honda.

His dad had told him not to use the bike but Jordan often rode it without his knowledge.

Jordan was due to do a bike training course the week after he died.

Acting senior coroner Alan Walsh recorded the death as road traffic collision.

Jordan’s sister, Gemma Murray, plans to start a motorbike safety awareness campaign.