AFTER we reported a quarter of parking spaces reserved for parents and children were being abused by other drivers, quite a number of you got in touch to share your stories. 

And it appears while there were many examples of drivers wrongly taking advantage of the extra room parent and child parking spaces provided, there was also quite a bit of confusion over who they were meant for. 

Here's just some of the stories you've been sending into us:

My brother-in-law parked in a parent and child space in Aldi only to be told by an older lady that it was a MOTHER and child space and that he should not be parking there.

I must add that he was with his six-month-old daughter and was getting her pram out of the boot at the time.

Whilst he stood in shock another shopper corrected her, telling her that it is a parent and child space. Unbelievable. 

I had my two grandchildren in the car and I was looking for a space when a woman pulled into a parent child space.

When I asked her where her child was and pointed out I had two in the car she just turned round and said 'Well I have a dog'.

I know some people treat their pets as babies but this takes the you know what. 

I just didn't know how to reply

I've challenged a few people and they're always very rude/defensive.

The most popular excuse is they are picking up their grandchildren even though there's no car seat in the back.

Also had the excuse about it being 'too late for children to be out'.
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While many frustrated motorists told us they thought readers should be clamped or fined for parking in the wrong spot, others argued the problem could stop if parent spaces were further away from the main entrance of supermarkets. 

One mum added: "I don’t care where parent and child spaces are as long as I can open the door to get my little girl in and out and have enough space without anyone chipping my paintwork."

What are the rules surrounding parent and child spaces?

Generally, you can use a parent and child parking bay if you have a child with you that’s under 12 or in a car seat or booster seat. This is unless any signage says otherwise.

It’s unclear whether pregnant women can use these spaces as signs specifically refer to parents with children.

Do supermarkets fine people for misusing the parking spaces?


Parent and child parking bay misuse is handled by the store itself and fines would be issued by the car park operators.


An external agency monitors Asda’s car parks. Regular checks are conducted to enforce parking regulations. If someone has parked incorrectly they will be issued with a parking charge.


If someone is discovered parking incorrectly they are politely asked to move, or a sign is placed on their windscreen.


An external agency will issue a parking charge notice (PCN) to anyone wrongly parked. 


If a customer has noticed someone misusing a parent and child bay they are encouraged to report it to the store manager. However, they are unable to enforce this as there are limited staff in store.


Lidl do not have the facilities to monitor the use of parent and child parking bays. They strongly rely on the honesty of customers to park correctly.