A WOMAN who was told by her doctor that her health was at risk has turned her life around.

Janet Fallding, from Golborne, was heading for diabetes last year when she weighed just over 15 stone.

Her body mass index was also at a high reading of 35.1.

Janet's weight was also causing her to feel down so she signed up to Weight Watchers.

Combining a healthy diet with frequent walking, she managed to lose four stone and 3.5lbs to slim down to 10st 12lbs in 37 weeks - a pound under her target weight.

Choir member Janet was a size 22 but she now shops for size 12 clothes.

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Janet, 64, who was dreading her first Weight Watchers workshop, said: "I found the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan so easy and started walking three to four miles, four to five times a week.

"The weight just started to fall off."

Impressed by Janet's weight loss, five of her friends also signed up to Weight Watchers and they set up a WhatsApp group, Wide Waisted Women, where they shared meal recipes and other tips.

Janet added: "I suffer from hypothyroidism, having had a subtotal thyroidectomy 35 years ago and I'm also menopausal.

"I hear so many people use that as an excuse, but if you follow the plan, track and use the zero point foods it is possible."