A COUPLE have been left terrified after two burglars broke in through their kitchen window and took their car.

The pair were in bed at their bungalow on Dutton Grove in Leigh when the break-in happened at around 1.35am on Friday.

After being woken up by the window being smashed, they locked their bedroom door, fearing that the intruders were carrying weapons such as knives.

Inside the bungalow after the break-in

One of the occupants, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "I heard a massive mighty bang and instantly jumped up.

"We locked the door and barricaded ourselves in, putting the TV against the wall. That was my first reaction.

"It was terrifying.

"After a while I shouted 'please leave our house'.

"No-one responded so we went out and saw that they had gone.

"They had taken our Mercedes A Class which was our pride and joy.

"We have a little Shih Tsu but luckily it was in our bedroom so it wasn't hurt."

A sentimental family ornament was also in the car.

Following the burglary, the couple have understandably struggled to sleep.

They also believe the burglars targeted them before entering the home and stealing the car keys.

CCTV footage that the couple shared shows two men approaching the bungalow 20 minutes before the break-in, where they appear to be plotting a plan to get inside.

As rain hammered down, the culprits returned with a rock that was used to smash the kitchen window. 

Two men approach the home around 20 minutes before the break-in

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"I have been so paranoid and have been constantly checking doors around the house," the occupant said.

"We have lived here for five years and it is such a quiet road where nothing like this happens.

"This was a safe haven for us but these people have taken that away from us.

"We were going to go on holiday but we have had to pay £800 for a security system instead so we have had to cancel that now."

Greater Manchester Police are investigating the incident.

If you have any information contact police on 101 quoting reference number 271 of August 9.