A DARK synth pop duo is building up a fanbase across Europe after releasing its debut EP.

Pascal Carton, from Atherton, teamed up with Amy Linton, 34, from Warrington, two years ago to form Mördelin.

They rehearsed and wrote songs together in the evening at Pascal's former training business premises in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

And recently Pascal, 42, and Amy, who both sing in their tracks, started practicing at BBX Music Rehearsal Rooms, based at Leigh Spinners Mill.

In a bid to develop their music, they travelled to Germany, near Cologne, and met with synth pop producer Olaf Wollschläger, who is known for his pioneering work with bands, Mesh, And One and Beborn Beton.

They released their first EP, Preface, at the end of June.

Among other influences, the EP draws on the sounds of Depeche Mode, Human League, New Order and Eurythmics.

Leigh Journal:

Picture: Dave Gillespie

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Pascal says his band's music has a playfulness, abrupt mood changes, dance floor outros, stirring melodies and a strange sense of vulnerability.

The former Hesketh Fletcher High School said: "We're 90s kids really but our love of 80s sound and design punches it's way into our debut EP.

"We have lots of different influences which keeps our music interesting and fresh.

"The EP has been really popular in Sweden and Germany and we want to get more of a following in the UK now.

"We spent a few long weekends with Olaf in an old railway station that has been turned into a recording space.

"He was a really good inspiration.

"Olaf understands that genre of music and it was excellent working with him."

The band has no plans to leave the studio to perform live at the moment

They are in the process of working on their second EP, which they hope to release early next year.

To purchase a copy of Preface click here.