THE mum of a teenager who died 13 years ago says her killer "will never change" after being told the date of his latest parole hearing which will decide if he can be released.

Darren Pilkington killed his 19-year-old girlfriend Carly Fairhurst, from Hindley, in 2006 after pushing her down a flight of stairs.

He was convicted of manslaughter after leaving her to suffer all night with her injuries which she never recovered from.

Pilkington was given an indeterminate sentence and served 10 years in jail before he was released on parole in November 2016 with a number of conditions, which he breached and was put back behind bars.

After an appeal, a Parole Board panel held a hearing in August 2018 in which it was decided Pilkington was allowed to leave prison with a raft of conditions.

Leigh Journal:

Darren Pilkington

But he was recalled by the Ministry of Justice in January after another breach.

Pilkington was also convicted of the manslaughter of his friend Paul Akister in 2000.

Carly's mum Sheila said: "He will never change. How many more people does he have to kill before he is locked up for good?

"He has obviously not been rehabilitated.

"It is never-ending for me and my family. We are the ones that have got a life sentence and have to suffer every day.

"If he is released he will do something to ruin someone else's life. There is another fatal incident waiting to happen."

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Sheila said Pilkington's parole hearing takes place on September 23.

Sheila and Carly's husband Trevor were asked for victim impact statements ahead of the hearing, which is a procedure they have done numerous times before and brings back horrific memories.

Sheila added: "We have to relive what we have gone through when we do the statements. Why should we have to put ourselves through that pain?"

A Parole Board spokesman said: “An oral hearing has been listed for the parole review of Darren Pilkington and is scheduled to take place this month.

“A panel of the Parole Board will consider a range of evidence before making its decision.

"This will be done with great care and with public safety the number one priority.”