SLIMMING World members in Lowton celebrated the organisation’s 50th birthday by each running, walking, cycling or swimming 50 miles in August.

The group were tasked with walking, running, swimming or cycling the distance in support of Slimming World's Golden Body Magic Challenge.

Across the group, members got active in Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Peru, Canada, Poland, San Jose and even the Arctic Circle. One member, Royston Brett, managed 50 miles every day.

One member, Royston Brett, took the challenge a step further by completing 50 miles every day.

They walked their final mile together as a group.

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Slimming World consultant Vicki Jones said she is extremely proud of the efforts of her group.

She said: "I was totally blown away by the commitment and enthusiasm shown by the members.

"Everyone got involved, young and old - even those that have never taken part in any exercise before."

The group has raised nearly £400 for Cancer Research UK.

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Here is how each of the group members carried out the challenge:

  • Julia Douglas walked 50 miles in one week in Poland
  • Simon Szwandt walked in San Jose
  • Nathan Szwandt cycled in South Africa
  • Chris Foster walked the decks at the Arctic Circle
  • Debbie Hodge supported Manchester City in Tokyo and Thailand
  • Angela Wallace and Pam Barr-Davies got their steps in in Canada
  • Leanne Crompton swam in Lanzarote
  • Nicola Counsell ran 5,000m in Florida
  • David Jones ran alongside the River Danube in Germany
  • Kim Lane, who has lost three stone, got her steps in playing with her grandchildren. She managed 52 miles of walking and five miles of swimming throughout August.