DAY centre staff and pub customers had their skin inked on Thursday to raise awareness of dementia.

A total of 11 workers at Etherstone Day Centre in Leigh got tattoos with "forget me not" flower designs - a nationally recognised symbol for dementia awareness - at Cut Throat Tattoo Studio on Warrington Road.

Studio owner Mark Cain then went to the Britannia pub on St Helens Road at 6.30pm to give around 20 more people tattoos.

Leigh Journal:

Etherstone Day Centre staff at Cut Throat Tattoo Studio on Warrington Road in Leigh

Leigh Journal:

Mark, right, with a customer at the Britannia pub on St Helens Road

Leigh Journal:

Mark putting his tattoo skills to use in the pub

Leigh Journal:

Helen Mannion with a "forget me not" tattoo on her wrist

Senior support worker at the day centre Helen Mannion, who got a tattoo on her wrist, helped to organise the event along with pub landlord Peter Taylor.

She said: "Everybody at the day centre was keen to get involved in this.

"There was also a really good response to people going to the pub to get tattoos.

"We were more interested in raising awareness of making people and businesses think how they can make a positive impact in how they can help people who have dementia, and what it is like to live with the condition."

Helen also reserved praise for Mark.

Leigh Journal: Leigh Journal:

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Around £400 has been raised for the Alzheimer's Society through the tattoos and the pub event, which included a raffle.

Tattoo artist Mark said: "It was like a conveyor belt between 6.30pm and 9.30pm.

"Talking to the clients made me realise how widespread dementia is.

"It is nice to give something back by doing this too."

Mark will also be selling "forget me not" tattoos throughout October for £20 plus an optional donation for Alzheimer's Society.

To donate to Helen's crowdfunding page for the cause click here.

For information about supporting people with dementia visit