CCTV footage has been released of a man stealing a teenager's bike outside a house as he walked past with a woman and child.

Evan Lewis, 13, called round to his friend's home on Hesketh Meadow Lane in Lowton and left his bicycle, which he was given for a Christmas present last year, outside.

As Evan was inside the house, a man is caught on camera crossing the road before he turns back after spotting the bike. He walks onto the driveway, quickly climbs onto the bike and cycles off.

Leigh Journal:

Evan with his bike

This footage shows the man ride off with the bike

The incident happened at around 9.20pm on Friday, October 4.

Evan's dad Carl, 47, from Leigh, said: "I am disgusted at the example that is being set to the young child in the footage.

"Evan went everywhere on his bike with his friends, going to school on it as well - it was his pride and joy.

"He has been very upset as he realises he is not going to get another bike the same.

"All he did was the same as all his friends did that night which was to leave his bike under the window of his friend’s house while he was out and about.

"Evan has been so careful to make sure it was locked up in the past no matter where he left it.

"He realises he should have locked it up."

If you have any information contact police on 101 quoting incident number CRI/06LL/0007089/19.