A PRIMARY school teaching assistant has penned her first book to help children understand the joy of individuality.

Elizabeth Wild, who works at Garrett Hall Primary School in Tyldesley, had her debut title, Wendy Was A Different Witch, published earlier this year.

The children's book covers a young witch who is different from her peers at witch school in which she uses her magic to spread joy and happiness.

Elizabeth, who spent four years working in children's services at Salford City Council, is passionate about supporting the well-being of little ones and promoting positive mental health.

After reading the book to groups of youngsters she asks them to discuss the main character and offer ideas on how they are different to make a "kindness potion" to put them into their cauldron.

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Mum-of-two Elizabeth, 38, who lives in Tyldesley, said: "I grew up in London and from being a child I have been surrounded by diverse cultures and I think that is something that has enriched my life.

"It is our differences that make our lives interesting - differences are something to be celebrated.

"The themes that run through the story are kindness and acceptance.

"It helps to make children realise that if we work together we call all achieve more."

Elizabeth, who has also written poems before, is also keen to do work surrounding children's mental health and getting youngsters to express how they feel.

She was also interviewed for a US radio podcast, The Authors Show, which was broadcast on Monday.

Wendy Was A Different Witch is available to order on Amazon. To order a copy click here.