LABOUR's Jo Platt and the Conservative Party's Chris Green are up for the fight of a general election.

At the House of Commons this week, politicians voted in favour of asking the public to go to the ballot boxes on Thursday, December 12.

And Ms Platt, who became Leigh's MP in 2017, welcomes the decision.

She said: "I am extremely excited to support this much-needed general election and put forward a positive and optimistic local campaign that offers genuine and bold transformation for our community.

"As the local, trusted candidate who raises my children in the constituency, I realise first-hand the change that we desperately need to get our voice back and get our towns working for us once again.

"As a proud-working class mum I have seen how the last decade of austerity and cuts has sucked the soul out of our hardworking towns, it has divided us and left us feeling held back by the Whitehall establishment.

"But it doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

"I’ll be making the case over the next six weeks, just as I have for the last two years in Parliament, for real town investment, transport infrastructure, education provision, an end to poverty, a plan to tackle the climate emergency and a local economy that works for everyone.

"Leigh cannot afford another day, let alone five years of Conservative rule.

"So I cannot wait to get stuck into this exciting and hope-filled, if a little chilly, campaign."

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Meanwhile, Bolton West and Atherton representative Chris Green, who was first elected in his seat in 2015, has outlined the issues he will be focusing on.

He said: “Health, education, law and order are the peoples’ priorities but this Parliament has blocked Brexit and so blocked the Government’s ability to deliver for you and your family.

"At last, Jeremy Corbyn, bowing to pressure from Boris Johnson and the Liberal Democrats, has been forced into agreeing a general election so you, the people, will be able to vote and get the government you want.

“Labour has been blocking Brexit and so have been blocking the work of Parliament – they have been holding us back.

“This election is about respecting democracy, delivering Brexit and focusing on your priorities.

"The Conservative Party is the party of change and will deliver on your priorities – health, education and law and order.”