THREE young sisters will be having strands of their long golden blonde locks chopped off on Saturday to help youngsters who have lost their hair.

Eleven-year-old Nicole Pastore, from Hindley Green, was inspired to grow her hair two years ago after a friend from her dancing class donated her locks to charity, the Little Princess Trust.

The charity provides wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair due to having cancer treatment such as chemotherapy.

A willingness to help others clearly runs through Nicole's family as her younger sisters, Charlotte, eight, and Meredith, six, decided to grow their hair in aid of the cause as well.

And on Saturday, November 9, the girls will go to Dolly Bird Studios in Hindley Green to get their locks chopped off together.

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Their dad Luke, 37, owner of a book recycling company, said: "It is fantastic that the girls are doing this.

"They have been growing their beautiful blonde hair for years to make it long enough for this amazing cause.

"There are selfless kids who are thinking about the wider community."

It costs the charity around £550 to make a wig and the family have already raised more than £680 through a crowdfunding page. To donate to it click here.