LEIGH's Labour candidate Jo Platt is expected to keep hold of her seat in the general election, according to a major poll released last night, Wednesday.

Figures in YouGov's MRP poll found Ms Platt is forecasted to receive 43 per cent of her constituency's vote - four per cent higher than Conservative candidate James Grundy.

The latest forecast reflects a swing two weeks ago when YouGov figures discovered Mr Grundy, a Lowton East councillor, was ahead by less than one per cent.

The Brexit Party is expected to get around 11 per cent of the vote, the Liberal Democrats are believed to get a share of five per cent with the remaining candidates thought to split the remaining two per cent.

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Meanwhile, Bolton West and Atherton candidate Chris Green is predicted to win by a more comfortable majority.

Mr Green, who has held the seat since 2015, is forecasted to receive 53 per cent of the vote - 13 per cent higher than Labour's Julie Hilling, who was the constituency's MP from 2010 to 2015.

With the Brexit Party standing down in this constituency to support the Tories, the Liberal Democrats are expected to finish third with five per cent, and the Green Party are thought to get two per cent of the vote.

Overall, the Conservatives are expected to win 339 seats in the election, giving the governing party a majority of 28.

The YouGov MRP poll is based on 105,612 interviews carried out over seven days up to Wednesday.

Polling stations for the general election open tomorrow morning, Thursday, and will close at 10pm.