TODAY, Thursday, the nation will be voting in the 2019 general election but many residents may still be unsure where their polling station is to cast their vote.

Here is all the information you need:

Where is your polling station?

Registered voters should have received a poll card in the post, informing them where their polling station it.

You can only vote at the location stated on your card.

The polling station is likely to be a public building, such as a school or community hall, near to your home address.

If you don't have your card to hand, you can find out where your polling station is by typing your postcode via this link

What time do the polling stations open?

Polling stations will open at 7am and close at 10pm today, Thursday, – this is the same no matter your location in the borough or nationwide.

However, if you are delayed, the Electoral Commission says: "Any eligible electors who at 10pm are in a queue at their polling station for the purposes of voting (whether that queue is inside or continues on outside the station) must be allowed to vote."

What do you need to take to the polling station with me?

Nothing, you do not need your poll card or ID to vote.

However you will need to give staff your name and address.

Who can I vote for?

Here is a list of the candidates with links to interviews online.


Jo Platt – Labour

James Grundy – Conservatives

Mark Clayton – Liberal Democrat

James Melly – Brexit Party

Leon Peters- UKIP

Ann Maureen O'Bern

Bolton West and Atherton

Chris Green - Conservatives

Julie Hilling - Labour

Rebecca Forrest - Liberal Democrats

Paris Hayes - Green Party

What if you have a postal vote?

For your vote to be counted, postal ballots must be with your local authority by 10pm tonight, Thursday, December 12.

If you leave sending your postal vote too late, you also have the option to take it your local polling station – also before 10pm.

Can I qualify for an emergency proxy vote?

You are eligible for an emergency proxy if you have fallen sick, are disabled or unexpectedly away for work at late notice.

It must be you who has fallen sick and not a loved one.

You can still register for an emergency proxy vote before 5pm on December 12.

You should submit your form to your local electoral registration office, to find out details of where that is click here.

How can I find out about the results tonight?

We have you covered, we will be running a live blog on our website from 9.30pm tonight.

We will also be updating our Facebook page ahead of the result.