RESIDENTS will be given the opportunity to decide who they would like to represent Leigh in Parliament today, Thursday.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm with people given a choice of six candidates to vote for in the general election.

Labour’s Jo Platt is fighting to retain her seat, which she won in 2017 after taking over from Andy Burnham.

With Brexit proving to be a major issue in the election this year, the 9,554 majority she won by two years ago is expected to be under threat.

And Ms Platt is up against four pro-Brexit candidates in this election; the Conservatives’ James Grundy, the Brexit Party’s James Melly, UKIP’s Leon Peters and independent Ann Maureen O’Bern.

The Liberal Democrats’ Mark Clayton will offer voters a chance to scrap Brexit.

Labour’s determination to keep hold of one of its heartlands seats, which it has held onto since 1922, was highlighted last week when the party’s campaign bus rolled into town.

Meanwhile, the Bolton West and Atherton seat is set to be tightly contested with the Conservatives’ Chris Green competing to keep his position.

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