A DOUBLE killer has been sent back to jail for breaching his licence conditions.

Darren Pilkington killed his 19-year-old girlfriend Carly Fairhurst, from Hindley, in 2006 after pushing her down a flight of stairs.

He was convicted of manslaughter after leaving her to suffer all night with her injuries which she never recovered from.

Pilkington was given an indeterminate sentence and served 10 years in jail before he was released on parole in November 2016 with a number of conditions.

He was also previously convicted of the manslaughter of his friend Paul Akister in 2000.

Today, Friday, the Ministry of Justice, has confirmed he has been sent to jail again for breaching his licence conditions.

Leigh Journal:

Carly Fairhurst

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Carly's mum Sheila said: "I got a phone call yesterday morning when I was told Pilkington had been arrested but was not told why.

"I was made up, he's back where he belongs.

"He cannot hurt any members of the public.

"I got the call three days after my 63rd birthday so it was like a late present."

It is not the first time Pilkington has been recalled to prison.

The last occasion that he was sent back to jail was in January 2019 when his licence was revoked.

And it was only in October last year that Sheila was told he was set to be released after a parole hearing.

Sheila added: "Does he have to kill someone else to prove that he cannot be rehabilitated?"

A Probation Service spokeswoman said: “We have recalled Darren Pilkington to prison.

"Public protection is our priority and offenders who breach their licence conditions and present an increased risk to the community will be returned to custody as quickly as possible.”