A NEW community rehabilitation program for people with issues around drugs and alcohol has begun in the borough.

The project, run by drug, alcohol and mental health charity Addaction, will provide the chance for up to 15 people to attend a 12-week community rehabilitation program.

Participants will engage in a range of activities such as outdoor pursuits and classroom based learning, as well as receiving therapeutic support.

It is hoped the programme will help people gain a better insight into recovery and how to sustain it while building better links with the community and encouraging personal development and wellbeing.

A community rehabilitation program already runs in the borough through the Greenslate Community Farm.

However, this new project differs in that participants do not have to be abstinent to access the service.

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Operations manager at Addaction Leigh Victoria Bowdler said: “We know that recovery is as much about building people’s capabilities and self-esteem as it is about what medications they’re taking so I’m delighted that this project is starting in Wigan.

“Community rehabilitation programs shouldn’t solely be for people who are abstinent.

"People who have problems with drug or alcohol use still have so much to offer the community. I hope this program will help show this while helping people start a new chapter in their lives.”

Jane (name changed to protect identity), one of the participants on the programme, said: “I’m really excited about starting the program.

"I’ve wanted to access a rehabilitation scheme for a while but struggle to stay sober long enough.

"I want to get my life back and feel good about myself again so I can’t wait to learn new things, make new friends and grab this opportunity to get my life back on track.”

For more information about Addaction visit addaction.org.uk.