READERS have reacted to the pedestrian islands that have been installed by a road plagued by crashes.

Work has been carried out on Tyldesley Road in Atherton after residents and councillors raised concerns about the number of collisions that have happened on a busy stretch of the road.

Wigan Council worked with Greater Manchester Police to consider options before the local authority's traffic management teams completed the islands.

Jim Ferrier, from Hindsford, said: "My wife and I have lived just off this busy road for over six years.

"During this time we have seen many car crashes and experienced real difficulties in crossing this road to get to the bus stops, for example.

"In our view, these islands are a real benefit to the local population, many of whom are elderly, disabled or otherwise limited in mobility.

"There are also several schools in the area involving hundreds of children every day travelling along and over this road to school.

"We have already found it much easier to cross this road and we wish to thank the local councillors and Wigan Council for the work that has been done.

"However, we still see many cars travelling far too fast, and wonder if there could be an option to provide other traffic calming measures or speed cameras on this road."

Stanley Clee added: "A pedestrian island is a wonderful idea and makes our lives a lot easier and safer, thanks very much."

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But Michael Dowds warned more needs to be done to clamp down on motorists flouting the law.

He said: "The pedestrian islands won't stop idiots from speeding round the bends at all.

"It needs something better than that just before the first bend where two motorists have gone through the metal fence and into the bungalows."

Anne Dowds believes reckless motorists will take no notice of the safety measures too.

She added: "The people who are causing accidents won't care about these (pedestrian islands), they will just carry on speeding round the bend."

Terry Flanagan also vented his concerns.

He said: "Regarding the pedestrian islands on Tyldesley Road, they do not slow traffic down.

"People are marooned on these islands as traffic whizzes past at well above the speed limit.

"Why can’t we have humps that go all across the road, similar to the one near Twelve Apostles Church as this does slow traffic down?

"Many people cross the road to access the bus stop for the V2 and 132 and are still taking their life in their hands.

"Traffic comes round the bend before the bus stop like bats out of hell.

"One even careered straight on almost demolishing a bungalow.

"Could serious consideration please be given to installing something that works.

"How much money has been wasted on things which do not work?"