LEIGH MP James Grundy believes the key to improving his constituency's social mobility is by boosting its infrastructure and attracting skilled jobs.

Government figures released in October 2018 placed Leigh at the bottom of a table of all 533 in England in one of the four life stages – early years.

And overall, the area was rated 501 in the country when taking into account the scores of the other three life stages.

Social mobility is the movement of individuals, families, households, or other categories of people within or between a social classes.

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Mr Grundy said: "It is my view that if you want to improve social mobility in Leigh, you must either attract skilled jobs to the area, or make it easier for young people to travel to skilled jobs outside the area.

"In either case, this requires massive investment in our transport infrastructure to make Leigh a viable location for businesses to bring those skilled jobs to, and a viable location for young people to commute from.

"One way or another, the answer is infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure."

Mr Grundy also spoke to Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week about extending Atherleigh Way and reopening Kenyon Junction and Golborne railway stations.