ANYONE looking for an alternative form of exercise that feels less painful on the body than others may want to try bungee fitness.

Self-employed accountant Linda Brennan opened fitness centre Studio L in Victoria Mill in Atherton last week.

Bungee fitness involves participants wearing a harness attached to bungee cords that provides assistance and resistance while they carry out a range of exercises.

Linda, who suffers badly with arthritis, became hooked with the flexible exercise form in October 2018.

And last year she took her interest a step further by achieving a bungee fitness instructor qualification.

Leigh Journal:

Leigh Journal:

Bungee fitness participants at the centre

Linda, 60, said: “With bungee fitness you do not feel like you are doing exercise.

“The exercises are non-invasive so there is no pressure on your joints.

“It does not hurt so I think that’s why it helps people.

“I am really enjoying the feedback that I have had so far.

“I like it when people say they cannot do bungee fitness to start with but then they are able to and that makes them feel better in themselves.”

Leigh Journal:

Leigh Journal:

Linda at Studio L

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Linda, who had appendix surgery last year, said she was able to go back to bungee fitness quickly.

She is inviting people from over the age of 18 that weigh at least seven-and-a-half stone.

A taster day with three 40-minute sessions will be held at the centre on Saturday, February 29 between 10.45am and 2.30pm.

It will cost £5 per person.

Offers to book block sessions will be available on the day too.

To reserve a place email